Wellness Coaching

Your wellness is made up of physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects. If one of these areas is out of balance, you may suffer lower quality life and even illness. At Mind and Body Fitness Connections, we'll examine these different areas of your life as we customize your lifestyle coaching program. Together, we'll determine what may be keeping you from leading a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. For example, we may address: 


Highlighted Lifestyle Area

Negative effects of stress

Stress can be both good and bad. Unfortunately for most people, because they are bombarded by continual stress from bills, work, chronic pain and poor diet, a pattern is established that acts as a continual drain to their vitality and wellness. Cortisol levels stay high, which inevitably leads to inflammation and illness. In order to reverse this pattern and restore health, changes in thinking, eating, and sleeping must be made.

If stress is negatively impacting your life, we'll work with you at Mind and Body Fitness Connections to help you overcome stress! Contact us today to learn how we can help you improve your lifestyle!