Personal Training

Making exercise work for you!

At Mind and Body Fitness Connections, before your workout program is ever created, we'll conduct assessments to determine your muscle imbalances, core strength, cardiovascular fitness, body composition, flexibility, and any problems with gait. Based on the outcome of your assessments, we'll create a program that balances all of your individual needs. 

Your customized program may include one or all of the following:

Service Highlights

The importance of muscle balance

The body experiences postural stress when the joints do not align correctly. Over time, this stress due to misalignment creates improper wear and tear on the body, which can ultimately lead to pain and injury. Since, muscles guide bones in movement it is critical that muscles be at their correct length and tension so that they do not put unneeded stress on the joints.

At Mind and Body Fitness Connections, we will create a plan to correct your muscle imbalances to prevent injury and keep you living your best life!

The importance of core strength

A correctly functioning core acts as a corset or weight belt for the body, protecting the low back and supporting the internal organs. However, most clients over time have lost the mind-body connection that enables the muscles to fire correctly resulting in injury, pain, and poor quality of life.

Unfortunately most traditional training programs offer only abdominal crunch exercises for the core. We do things differently at Mind and Body Fitness Connections! We will create a combination of exercises to strengthen your back, abdominal, and hip muscles to restore your core to full functionality. Bonus: if food allergies or intestinal inflammation are contributing to your loss of core function, we will help you solve those issues, too! Contact us today to learn more!