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Help maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

"I have been training with Gwyn for about 2 years with weight training, massages, and nutrition I have found all three to be beneficial to me in maintaining a healthy life style in all aspects of my life and I love that she can combine all three, since my time is limited I think a lot of people could surely benefit from this, since time is precious. Gwyn's dedication and knowledge to her trade has given me the right kind of tools to work with on how to take better care of my body, and mind. Thanks Gwyn, for impacting my life in such a positive way."

- Teresa Heller, Dance Instructor

Pain free after 12 years of back trouble.

"In relation to recovering from back surgery, Mind and Body Fitness Connections has really helped me get back to a point in my life where I’m almost completely pain free, and I’m getting back to playing sports, running and moving without fear of a relapse. After suffering for over 10 years with 2 herniated disks… I opted finally to get back surgery. And although the surgery eliminated the nerve pain I’d been suffering with for so long, it didn’t fix the structural/muscular issues that I began to notice shortly after my surgery. More than 2 years after my surgery I was still very limited in what I could and couldn’t do with regard to even very simple everyday tasks like getting in and out of bed, bending, twisting, jumping, moving quickly, etc.

Not until I met Gwyn and began training with her did I fully realize what elements of my body were out of line and/or being favored for so long due to several years of compensating with my injury. She did a thorough evaluation and with her various overlapping areas of expertise, she devised a workout plan for me that focused on core strength and stability first and foremost. I felt almost immediate improvement in my range of motion and flexibility. My pain level has continued to decrease while my strength has improved consistently. Thank you Gwyn, you’ve truly made a difference."

- Jarod Baker, Graphic Designer

Transformation: Mind, Body, Spirit;

"Gwyn Davis has a well-rounded approach to healing an individual. While infusing body work, physical training, nutrition, and spiritual intuition she gives guidance for great transformation. Gwyn does not address only the area of concern but looks at all aspects of one's life to determine the most well-suited plan of treatment to heal the entire individual. Transformation on so many levels may seem daunting but Gwyn has a simple style that allows one to change minute things that make a Huge difference. Now is the time to take hold of your life and claim it! Gwyn helped me not only claim my healed physique but the very depths of myself."

- Carol Hamilton

Massage therapy - intense, but healing!

"If you’re looking for a “feel good, put me to sleep” type of massage, then you need to look somewhere else. However, if you’re tired of knotted, tight muscles preventing you from moving your body without pain, then it’s time for you to put yourself into the most capable hands I’ve found. Gwyn truly has magic hands! 

Gwyn turned me into a believer in the power of deep tissue massage and proper stretching. All massages I had in the past left me disappointed. They felt nice at the time but I did not gain any long-term benefits. Jennifer takes a different approach and uses her knowledge of the body and how it works to target your problem areas and help resolve them. She also has the knack of finding sore spots you didn’t even know you had! While in training, Gwyn's weekly massages were as critical to my regimen as swimming, biking, and running.

Gwyn is passionate about helping people live a healthier life and it comes through in her work. She is a natural healer with a gift for understanding the human body. Although you will likely feel a difference after just one session, the best results come after she has the opportunity to work with you repeatedly. She’ll learn your trigger spots and won’t let up until they improve.
A massage with Gwyn is no “day spa” massage. You’ll need to focus your breathing and think happy thoughts to get through the tough spots but it is all worth it in the end. You are in good hands with Gwyn. In fact, you’re in the BEST hands!"

- Margaret Stewart, Firefighter, Triathlete

Recovery from persistent neck pain.

"Gwyn Davis, has been of great help in my recovery from constant neck pain due to a car accident almost 2 years ago. I have seen other massage therapists for 3+ months, once a week and I got better results with Gwyn within 3 visits. Gwyn knew exactly where I had pain and how to work on each body part. She also has taken the time to give me an exercise routine that has helped significantly with range of motion and pain. Gwyn used a whole body approach with me, because my pain was chronic, she knew that massage alone would not heal me, and that I needed a combination of both massage and exercise to truly heal. I have been seeing Gwyn for a month now and I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel for me. Gwyn is knowledgeable and caring and will use your time wisely. I highly recommend her."

- Katryna Baker

Simply sleeping better.

"I have found that exercise has helped me in the following ways: an increase in energy and endurance and a more restful night's sleep."

- Ann Taupmann

Equipped to get stronger.

"I was a client of Gwyn's from January to May 2010. My chief concerns were Plantar Fascitis and a weak right shoulder. Through her work-out and strengthening routines I have gotten rid of the foot problem and gained new strength in my right shoulder and arm. Her knowledge of the human body and muscles is amazing. She is patient and always able to work with you in altering routines to fit your ability. I will be able to continue with her program for me at home. A great experience! I have learned a lot from Gwyn."

- Susan Neuberger

Pain relief when nothing else worked.

"I came to Gwyn Davis with chronic right forearm, elbow, and shoulder pain. I have had this for about 3 years. I am an avid biker, I love lifting weights, and doing yoga (yoga is how I injured myself). So I did not know what to think when I started going to Gwyn and the first thing she said was stop exercising - I did not think we were going to get along! I WAS WRONG. It turns out I was actually doing some exercises wrong. I feel Gwyn has worked a miracle. I have had 2 surgeries, cortisone shots, pain pills, even physical therapy with no relief. In just a few short weeks - very enjoyable weeks - Gwyn showed me about proper alignment and how to stretch and exercise properly. I think Gwyn Davis is a knowledgeable/personable/incredible person. I would recommend her HIGHLY."

- Brenda Williams