Habits That Keep Us Young

In the 2016 Bustle.com article by Carina Wolff titled: 9 habits that keep us young, she explains that the key to staying young lies within the cells. According to anti aging doctor Al Sears, each cell has a set of “clocks” called teleomeres. These are the vital endcaps that seal off the tips of your cells chromosomes to prevent DNA strands from unraveling. The shorter your telomere the “older” the cells. Slowing the loss of telomeres may extend lifespan and keep us feeling younger longer.

Posted on the Science Direct website from the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, it is stated that various nutrients influence telomere length, potentially through mechanisms that reflect their role in cellular functions including inflammation, oxidative stress, DNA integrity, DNA methylation and activity of telomeres (the enzyme that adds the telomere repeats to the ends of the newly synthesized DNA).

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that processed meat intake shows an inverse association with telomere length.

So, in addition to avoiding processed meat, here are 9 habits that can keep us young because of the influence they have on teleomere length (from bustle.com)

  1. Sleeping- less than 5 hours a night shortens teleomeres

  2. Avoid Sugar- in a 3 year study people who consumed a 20 ounce serving of sugary soda daily shortened telomeres equivalent to 4.6 years

  3. Exercise- 3 hours per week can help you obtain younger looking skin. 150 minutes of moderate exercise can add 3.4 years to lifespan

  4. Water- linked to better energy levels, mood and concentration and can lower the risk of coronary heart disease

  5. Combat Stress- Stress is linked to vision ad hearing loss and contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s and other age related disorders

  6. Keep Alcohol Intake to Moderate Levels- No more than 1 to 2 drinks per day

  7. Keep Sun Exposure Down- The sun’s rays account for 80% of skin aging. It’s best to limit exposure to 20 minutes before 10 am daily to assist in adequate Vitamin D levels

  8. Maintain Good Posture- Sitting up straight can help you feel younger, taller and more confident and can help mood, memory and digestion

  9. Think Positive- Johns Hopkins reported that even adults at risk of heart disease due to their family history were less likely to develop heart disease when they maintain a positive outlook. A positive outlook offered the strongest known protection against heat disease even better than maintaining appropriate diet and exercise

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